4th Annual Oak Cliff Film Festival Announces Preliminary Lineup

As official sponsors of the Oak Cliff Film Festival, we’re excited to share the first big announcement about the 2015 fest!
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Adam Epstein at NAB Show 2015

NAB Show 2015: SNL Editor Adam Epstein’s “Adventures In Filmmaking”

If you haven’t heard of Adam Epstein, you’ve definitely seen his work. An Emmy-nominated editor, Epstein has been working on NBC’s Saturday Night Live Film Unit team for six years and, in that time, has been responsible for cutting some of the funniest content they churn out.  Read More

America's Fish Fry

How We Did It: Long John Silver’s

I have a confession to make.  This admission does not come easy for me. I just can’t keep this inside any longer.  Okay, here it goes: Read More

Compass Datacenters - The Moral Imperative

How We Did It: Compass Datacenters

Recently, I was #blessed to shoot with my good friends at See Spot Run. This is our story: Read More

Oscars Showdown 2015

#2k15. Another year, another Oscars. See Spot Run was at it again with a blow-out party at the Texas Theater, where went we head-to-head to try and predict the most winners for the evening. Read More

This year's ceremony was hosted by Whiplash’s Miles Teller and The Wolf of Wall Street’s Margot Robbie.

The Academy Awards You’ve Never Heard Of

Alright folks, let’s talk about the Oscars!  All the glitz & glamour, thrill of victory and agony of defeat, and of course…Texas Instruments engineers, wait, what?!  Read More


Deakins Was Robbed: History’s Biggest Oscars Snubs

There are Oscar snubs every year – head scratchers, tears, unrealized dreams, and curious choices. Anyone who knows anything about the awards knows that the Academy consistently makes huge mistakes. These egregious calls have become an 87-year backlog of fodder for debate amongst civilians and pompous film nerds alike.  Read More


Jeff’s Most Anticipated Films of 2015

This week, See Spot Run is taking a look at our most anticipated films of 2015. Here’s what Senior Editor Jeff Ayala can’t wait to see on the big-screen…..


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Amanda’s Most Anticipated Films of 2015

This week, See Spot Run is taking a look at our most anticipated films of 2015. Here’s what Junior Producer Amanda Presmyk can’t wait to see on the big screen… Read More

Dove Men+Care - Real Strength

Super Bowl Ads XLIX: Best In Show

If Super Bowl commercials were to have a theme, this year’s theme would be heartstrings. Forget slapstick and sex – this year solemn was the name of the game (even GoDaddy went somber). Advertisers played to viewers’ emotions above all else. Read More

100th Green Light

Crowdfunding Talk with the Texas Theatre

 “Hi mom and dad! 

 Since I know you love me and want me to be happy, I figured I’d email you to ask you to help support the Texas Theatre’s campaign to get a Digital Cinema Projector. Read More

Winning Is...

Winning Takes Hard Work

Gatorade’s foot-stamping spot, cut by David Brodie of Rock Paper Scissors, shepherds us through a ‘day in the life’ of world class athletes and sports stars doing hard work. Read More

See Spot Run Partners with the Oak Cliff Film Festival

The origins of See Spot Run’s partnership with the Oak Cliff Film Festival extend much farther back than a court-side conversation had last winter between SSR‘s Jeff Ayala and OCFF/Aviation CinemasBarak Epstein. I

n fact, they extend beyond the festival’s founding in 2012, beyond the moment I, APJP, was brought into the world as we know it, and even far beyond the pair’s friendship began (which was when the two attended UNT film school together, way, way, way back when). Read More

Episodic Indie

Episodic Indies: The Dawn of A New Era?

The biggest life decision facing me when I leave the office tonight is whether:

A) I should hit the cinema and catch Wes Anderson’s much-anticipated Grand Budapest Hotel or

B) I’d be better off heading home and watching another three or five episodes of Breaking Bad on my couch (I finally watched the pilot episode last week am unceremoniously jumping on the bandwagon…better late than never!). Read More

Quite Frankly, I’m Scared

“Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared,” the original anthropomorphic musical short by Becky Sloan and Joseph Pellin of the UK’s THIS IS IT Collective, made a huge internet splash when it was released back in 2012.  Read More

Mike's Golf Shop

Low (Low [Low]) Budget, High Impact

I was doing some market research this morning when I stumbled across the most astounding, delightful, fulfilling, transcendent thing I’ve ever found on YouTube.  Read More