Amanda Presmyk | Junior Producer

Amanda Presmyk got her first tall, cool drink of filmmaking back in the good ol’ days (of 2010). She’s been working in the industry ever since, much to her parents’ confusion. With a duel-degree in Film and Media Arts and Convergence Journalism from SMU and five years in the ring, Amanda has experience with most moving pictures. From one-woman-band news packages to indie features, she knows how to bring (read: produce) a story to life. Most recently, she parlayed these skills into the broadcast side of the industry as the Junior Producer at See Spot Run, and she can execute a corporate video shoot or broadcast spot with the same keen, yet whimsical, tenacity. When not working “in the movies,” you can spot Amanda twirling in her backyard, sipping iced coffee, reading Kurt Vonnegut, and prowling thrift stores for weird artifacts. That, or she’s just off somewhere looking at pictures of opossums on the internet.