Jeff Ayala | Director of Production & Senior Editor

It is rumored that Jeff Ayala was born sometime in the late 1970s in South Texas, but these facts have never been confirmed. The only vetted and verified truth is that the only thing he loves more than his beloved San Antonio Spurs is filmmaking.

Jeff is rumored to be many things: director, editor, husband, father, human; but above all, he is an experience. He is a state of mind.   What he lacks in height and hair he makes up for with charm, wit, and, especially, mustache.

The most widely accepted theory is that Jeff got his start writing, directing, and editing camp videos in the Marble Falls area after graduating from film school. From there, it is said he resurfaced in the Dallas area, putting in a two-year stint working for Sugar Film Production, where Jeff worked closely with Director Chris Smith and Executive Producer Tony Miglini. They allegedly taught him all they knew about broadcast film production. Upon leaving Sugar, sources say he made his debut as a full-time creative editor at Post Asylum. Although there are conflicting stories, it is widely understood that during his nearly six-year stint at PA, he worked with a wide range of clients and projects ranging from national broadcast spots, feature films, documentaries, and music videos.

Currently, he can be found as the Director of Production and Senior Editor for See Spot Run, a boutique turnkey production company. No doubt the vast and varied experience of Jeff’s career has properly prepared him for the next chapter of his career, directing projects of any size, any scale, any budget (within reason).